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Read What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Discs, Sciatica, Stenosis, and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Had To
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“After over three years of living with excrucitating back and leg pain . . . I stumbled onto some information regarding a new treatment, the DRX 9000.  I can say that the treatments have truly helped . . . and would recommend this method of treatment for anyone who suffers from similar conditions.  God bless the DRX9000.”
M. Bendrihem, Great Neck, NY 

For years I have suffered with lower back pain caused by a herniated disc.  I was willing to try anything . . . I wanted a normal life.  I went for pain management and had the epidural shots, but that lasted only a short time.  The treatment (on the DRX9000) is gentle, relaxing and painless . . . I recommend it to everyone I know who has a back problem.  The DRX9000 offers an effective long-term solution without any of the risks of surgery.”                                                             M. Pereira, Nesconset, NY 

“When I first came to the doctor, I was a shell of the person I had been.  It hurt to do anything from sleeping to sitting and even walking . . . to get out of bed was a nightmare! As well as to go to the bathroom.  I needed no medication at all from day 1 (on the DRX9000).  I had hope that I could feel healthy again.  I would highly recommend the DRX9000 to anyone with back pain or sciatica.”
K. Grace, Springfield Gardens, NY 

I had lower back surgery in Feb, 04.  Only three years have passed and the symptoms and pain returned again.  I have now learned that this is termed a failed surgery.  My physical condition (since the DRX9000) has now changed in a positive direction.  These results are even better than when I came home from surgery.  Activities and exercise are once again enjoyable.  Thanks to Dr. Keller, her associates and the entire staff of friendly, happy and very competent people, they have helped me reach the success story I now am.”                                                                               C. Trezza, Middle Village, NY

I’ve been suffering with back pain for the past 44 years.  I’ve been to all the Veterans Hospitals in the area for help, but all to no avail.  Dr. Keller was very professional in explaining everything to me.  I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Boy did I ever GAIN.  After 9 visits on the DRX9000, I was dancing for the first time in over 20 years.  I just got better after each visit.  I thank GOD for the DRX9000.”
T. Schapers, Flushing, NY

“I was suffering with severe lower back pain, until I saw a commercial and called . . . this treatment has helped put me back on my feet.  Seeing Dr. Keller was a blessing in disguise for me . . . Anyone who is suffering with any back pain my advise is to make an extra effort as I did, I’m sure before long you will be doing what I’m doing now.”
N. Khan, Woodhaven, NY

“I want you to know that I’ve become a true believer of the DRX machine after my first treatment.  I came with ten years and more of backpain that caused me to slump and seemed impossible to stand upright again.  I did not know what position to sleep.  The first treatment the pain started to leave right away.  I thought this was a miracle.”
E. Albert, Flushing, NY

“I was crushed between two buses.  I couldn’t work for two years and tried all kinds of therapy, injections for my back, massage, electrical therapy, and nothing helped.  After 20 sessions I have experienced relief from my back pain and leg cramps so I can get back to work as a bus driver.  I want to thank Dr. Keller and his staff for helping me get back on my feet.”                                                                    J. Alvarado, Jackson Heights, NY

 “I had such horrible back pain leaving me unable to walk.  Every movement I made was unbearable.  An MRI diagnosed me with 3 herniated discs.  I was hospitalized after my last low back injury.  After my sixth session on the DRX9000, I had hardly any pain.  Now 51/2 months later I am exercising again . . . boxing and running.  I was able to go horseback riding and hiking.”                           S. Filingeri, Astoria, NY

“ . . . we had exhausted many medical channels, orthopedists, medical doctors, acupuncturists and finally physical therapy . . . The pain would subside but always returned . . . we got lucky.  Thanks to Dr. Keller and her staff who are helpful and understanding and ready to assist you in any way, my husband is much better and is on his way to a painfree life.”                                      Mrs. Lee, New Hyde Park, NY

“This past May I experienced extreme pain in my spine and sciatic nerve.  I could not stand up straight or walk without pain.  After 24 plus sessions my spine and sciatic condition have greatly improved.  I am walking straight without the assistance of a cane and most importantly have no pain.  I am extremely grateful for the treatment that I received from Dr. Keller and would recommend this form of treatment to anyone who could be a candidate for the DRX9000.”                 B. Zakin, Forest Hills, NY

“I began treatment on the DRX9000 in late November 2009.  At that point, I had a severe herniated disc in my L4/5 region.  I could not do daily activities such as going to the gym, sitting for extended periods of time or even bending to my shoes.  Six months have passed since my last treatment and I feel great.  I am able to exercise . . . even kickboxing.  I can sit through a Broadway show and resume normal day-to-day activities that are taken for granted.  The DRX9000 has helped me tremendously.”       J. Arminio, Whitestone, NY

“I am an avid tennis player and never had any lower back pain until 1 1/2 years ago.  After unsuccessful physical therapy for 2 months, I had an MRI which indicated a herniated disc.  Then after 5 more months of trying epidural injections and more physical therapy, which only offered temporary relief, a family member told me about Spinal Decompression and I found the wonderful Dr. Keller.  It took 37 sessions 3X per week . . .to finally have close to 100% relief.  I am back playing tennis, which to me is game, set and match.”                                                                     D. Glickman, Great Neck, NY

“I was going for acupuncture, but after 10 treatments I still found I had so much pain down my right leg that I could not walk more than a half a block without sitting down until the pain subsided.  Then I read an ad in the paper about the DRX9000.  Although skeptical at first I decided to give it a shot. . . . After three treatments on the DRX9000 my posture was erect and I had little or no pain down my leg.  I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers the same pain as I.  Thanking you again.”    
G. Logerfo, Douglaston, NY


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If you are suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or Pinched Nerve... Then you can find out what one Queens doctor is doing that has everyone talking.

Serious back and neck pain in the form of sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, or spinal stenosis can be treated using non surgical spinal decompression. Learn more about this safe and easy back pain treatment offered by Queens Spine Center by reading about our chiropractic services; check out the spinal decompression reviews from our satisfied clients; read questions and answers about spinal decompression; do your own spinal decompression research; visit the spinal decompression education center; and read Queens Spine Center spinal decompression blog.

The Queens Spine Center is located in Queens, New York and is proud to treat residents in Queens suffering from low back pain; including everyone in for conditions ranging from herniated disc to sciatica to spinal stenosis.